What is embossing?

Firstly, it’s actually called debossing but most people seem to call embossing. Embossing requires 4 things: a good piece of leather, brass type, heat and pressure. From start to finish, it takes us half an hour to emboss a collar or a lead. This includes inserting the type, heating the press, painstakingly aligning the collar or lead with the message and pressing.

brass-type.jpg We have 4 sizes of type. We're equiped to personalise anything from a collar for a mighty Chihuahua to one for a gentle St. Bernard.

debossed-name.jpg We have several special symbols to keep it fun.

masking-tape.jpg Masking tape is a necessity.

pressing.jpg This is the hard part.


If you're looking for a subtle personalisation, we recommend blind embossing (debossing). We love it because it perfectly accents the quality and craftsmanship of our leather products.