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We’re quite sure that we have the largest selection of personalised dog products on the web. Our venture started with leather collars and has expanded into fabric collars, leads, harnesses, ceramic bowls, treat jars, tags, bandanas, lead holders, t-shirts, hoodies, vests, and even cat accessories. Here’s a summary of the products that you can find on our site and how we’re able to customise them.

Personalised Leather Dog Collars

Our leather collars can be customised in one of three ways: metal charms, embossing or attaching a printed name plate. Most of our collars are lined with padding, which prevents rubbing and ensures comfort. We stock sizes for tiny puppies as well as giant breeds. [CLICK FOR LEATHER COLLARS]

Metal charms

We offer 4 types of metal charms: Diamante, Gold Diamante, Chrome, and Shining Gold.

Diamante Charms
Shining Chrome Charms
Gold Diamante Charms
Shining Gold Charms


Embossing (debossing) is the most traditional type of personalisation that we do, and we are proud to carry on the time-honoured custom. Using heat and pressure, we are able to leave a lasting impression in leather. One can find embossing at exclusive boutiques selling high-end leather handbags, stationery and other accessories. Leather debossing is not to be confused with ‘laser engraving’, which is a shortcut used by most online companies nowadays. [MORE ABOUT EMBOSSING].

Metal Nameplates

Metal nameplates are an alternative to dog tags. The added benefits are that they don’t make an annoying jingling sound and one doesn’t run the risk of the dog losing the tag. We use a state-of-the-art process which prints deep into the surface of the plate. This allows us to clearly print your contact details onto a colourful plate which complements the colour of the leather. Metal rivets are used to permanently attach the nameplate onto the collar. [CLICK FOR NAMEPLATE COLLARS]

Printed Fabric Collars

We offer fabric collars with customised straps in a total of 7 sizes! Our printing process outdoes embroidery because one can add multiple phone numbers, an address and even medical information. Though we can print a lot of text, we recommend keeping it short, so that we can expand the font size to a maximum. Our printing process dyes the actual fibres of the webbing, which allows the customisation to withstand all conditions including dips in the ocean. We also offer printed collars in a martingale variant for those interested in a training collar. [CLICK FOR PRINTED COLLARS]

Dog Leads

Leather leads can be customised with embossing or with charms. You’ll find a multitude of colour options in short, standard and adjustable training leads. We also have retractable leads which can be customised with printing. [CLICK FOR LEADS]

Leather Harnesses

Most of our leather harnesses can be customised with charms. Our figure 8 harnesses are especially popular with small breeds such as chihuahuas because they reduce pressure in sensitive areas like the neck. [CLICK FOR HARNESSES]

Ceramic Dog Bowls and Treat Jars

We have a massive selection of ceramic dog bowls which are offered in a choice of 8 print colours. The printing process that we use is permanent and dish washer safe. However, we recommend that you hand wash to preserve the vibrancy of the print.[CLICK FOR BOWLS]

Treat jars are a great gift idea for the dog owner on your shopping list. Printing is also available in 8 colours. [CLICK FOR JARS]

Metal Dog Tags

Dog tags are customised with a state-of-the-art process which allows the dye to penetrate into the surface of the tag. It allows a highly visible finish which is more colourful and funkier than traditional engraved tags. [CLICK FOR TAGS]


Bandanas are available in 5 sizes and slip onto most dog collars. We recommend using them with nylon collars which have quick release buckles. We print onto both sides of the bandana and can add any text that you enter. Please contact us if you have any image or logo that you would like added to a bandana. [CLICK FOR BANDANAS]

Dog Clothes

Dog clothes are customised in the same manner as bananas. This gives us the flexibility to print vibrant colours and custom text messages. If you would like your own artwork printed onto something, please email us. [CLICK FOR CLOTHES]

Lead Holders

Wood lead holders have 4 hooks and a glossy finish. They are printed in the same manner as our metal nameplates. [CLICK FOR LEAD HOLDERS]

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