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Pink cat collar personalised

Personalised Pink Leather Cat Collar

£9.95 In Stock

Colour Pink
Personalisation Charms or Embossing
Materials Leather
Facing Soft Black Leather Padding
Hardware Chrome

Everybody knows that cats secretly rule the world. Now you can get your cat a collar worthy of their pedigree. This handmade cat collar includes a soft liner to prevent rubbing, a bell to protect wildlife, and a leather strap which can be personalised with embossing or shining charms. For safety, we sew in an elastic band to connect the buckle to the leather strap - this is a convenient escape mechanism for your cat if it happens to get the collar caught in a bush or a branch in a tree.

The charms that we use for cat collars are smaller than what we use on our dog collars. This helps keep the personalised collar from being too bulky.

Size Neck
Wide Neck
Cat 9.5-11" 0.4" 24-28cm 1.0cm
*To measure your dog's neck use a piece of string. Please contact us if you have any questions about measuring.

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