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Black & Red Hound Collar with Spikes

£22.95 In Stock

Colour Black
Materials Genuine Leather
Facing Soft Red Leather
Hardware Chrome
Decoration Metal Spikes

This luxurious collar is decorated with metal spikes and is designed for the comfort. The narrow fastening fits easily under the chin and the collar broadens at the back of the neck to sit without causing rubbing. The soft leather back padding means you won't have collar lines carved in their fur and the real leather fronting is both durable and stylish.

Size Neck
Wide Neck
XS 8-10" 2.0" 20-25.5cm 5.0cm
S 11-13.4" 2.0" 28-34cm 5.0cm
M 13.4-15.4" 2.4" 34-39cm 6.0cm
L 14.5-17.3" 2.4" 37-44cm 6.0cm
XL 16.5-19.5" 2.8" 42-49.5cm 7.0cm
*To measure your dog's neck use a piece of string. Please contact us if you have any questions about measuring.

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